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Applied Coating Solutions

Innovative Solutions to Your Problems

Do you have inquiries about our coatings and linings? Feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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Introducing Our Products

Applied Coating Solutions in Erie, Pennsylvania is the company you can trust when it comes to providing the best coating and lining solutions. 


We offer a variety of Teflon products for various applications:


We have halar in our stock that can be used for various applications as well.


PVC (Plastisol) and Nylon

We offer PVC (plastisol) and nylon for fluid bed and spray applications. Available colors are white, black, and gray.

3M Epoxy Scotchkote

We offer 3M epoxy Scotchkote, which is the leading industry standard for cost-effective corrosion resistance items for pipelines and underground applications. We have two colors: Grey and 3M Green.


Kynar is a great coating for most corrosion applications. It is durable, chemical resistant, and reasonably heat resistant.

Polyester and Hybrid Coatings

Sky is the limit with polyester coatings! They are available in various colors and can be matched with a specific RAL # for customizing replacement parts. They are durable and offer long part life to basic weather conditions for outdoor use. We also have access to both cardinal and Tiger Drylac powder.


Now offering rubber lining and vulcanization

MSDS Sheets